Grinding is the process of abrasive cutting or machining of any material into its smaller parts and a grinding equipment helps in performing this task with great expertise and precision. Grinding equipment, Caol Grinding Mill, caol grinding mill commonly called a grinder, is a machine tool which is used for grinding different types of material. The combination of the impact of friction force compels the material to be ground down into distorted pieces. At Technomart, we have gained expertise in dealing with different types of grinding equipment, especially the ball mill grinder.

A ball mill is a special type of grinder which consists of a hollow cylinder-like shell that is continuously rotating about its axis. This horizontal shell is elevated at a small angle and is partially filled with balls. These balls are made of steel and act as the grinding media in the ball mills while the inner lining of the cylinder is made of abrasion-resistant manganese steel or rubber. There are two types of balls mills available in the market: Batch Mill and Continues Ball Mill. Technomart takes pride in stating that it deals with both the types of ball mills at a competitive market price