The removal of water or any other moisture inside a particular mixture is referred to as drying. Various types of dryers and drying equipment are available in the market for the quick drying of different materials. Removing any type of moisture like water vapor from a particular product is done using drying equipment. At Technomart, we are reckoned for providing the best and most efficient drying equipment for all our clients in India as well as in different parts of the world. Since our inception in the year 1992, Technomart has been offering different types of drying equipment along with an array of services related to such drying equipment.

Our company has managed to clutch place in the list of top-ranked companies providing a complete range of drying equipment solutions. The drying equipment we have are further divided into two parts: Dryer and Calcination. A dryer is used majorly for drying the material by means of water evaporation or roasting of the minerals. In calcination, the rotary kiln process is used for calcining, drying, sintering, and processing of various bulk materials. Over the years, we have acquired a good reputation amid the leading drying equipment manufacturers in India.

In the rotary kiln process, the bulk material is continuously fed into the long horizontal tubes that are a part of a larger heated chamber. The rotary kiln continuously rotates until the bulk material exits from the lowered end of the tube after becoming fully dried in the chamber. Depending upon the type of material that is to be dried, we can determine the tube OD, tube ID, tube length, tube rotation speed, the tube inclination angle, and the tube material of the rotary kiln.