Technomart is a proud manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of highest grade ribbon blender that can be used for a variety of mixing purposes. As the name suggests, these ribbon blenders have a long and complex double helical ribbon agitator fixed within a horizontal U-shaped trough. This agitator or ribbon continuously rotates within the trough to mix the materials poured inside. The ribbon blends offered by Technomart have a robust design and offer high performance while blending different types of raw materials.

It gives a rapid product discharge while not leaving any spec of material unmixed. The triple mixing action offered by the agitators or ribbons inside the blender ensures that the material if blended fast and efficiently. Not just that, a paddle agitator type ribbon blenders are also manufactured by us which move the material poured inside in an opposing direction at a very high speed to mix it effectively. This type of paddle blender is used for mixing smaller portions of materials. At Technomart, we manufacture these blenders in such a way that their counter current action mixes the materials homogeneously. Our clients have always appreciated the quality of ribbon blenders that we manufacture and supply or export to them at a competitive market price.