We are the foremost ACC Mixer manufacturer in India and also the ACC Mixer supplier in India. Our company is providing the wide range of these mixers that are used for the several purposes.

The best quality ACC Mixer in India is provided by the Technomart India this is suitable for the mixing of the slurry of the cement and the lime that which can be used for the pour. It is highly used for the construction purposes. These ACC Mixer manufactured and supplied to the customers.

Our company makes use of the best quality raw material and are as per the latest standards that makes them favourable for the use of mixing of the components and formation of the slurry. This mixer is playing a great role in the construction department.


The features of this ACC Mixer are as follows

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to install
  • Strong
  • Superior quality
  • The wide range is easily available
  • Less maintenance
  • Maximum output
  • It can effectively mix the different components
  • Form best slurry

These mixers are manufactured only by making use of the best quality raw materials and are available in a wide range that are of different sizes, design, features, etc. which the clientele can choose as per the requirements. Besides this the best quality ACC Mixer in India, ACC Mixer in Gujarat and also the ACC Mixer in Ahmedabad are provided by the Technomart company that to on a user friendly price.

We possess an experience of three decades in ACC Mixer manufacturing and supplying. This machines is designed in such a way that they do not require any special construction for installation, less water absorption while mixing the components, thermally insulated, produces less noise while operation, environmentally friendly and also the user friendly.

They are available in different capacity varying from the 10 cubic meters to 200 cubic meter approx and can be effectively chosen as per the requirements. Besides this after passing the strict quality testing they are handed to the customer that makes them free from any manufacturing defects or errors.

We are also the ACC Mixer manufacturer in Ahmedabad, ACC Mixer manufacturer in Gujarat, ACC Mixer supplier in Ahmedabad, ACC Mixer supplier in Gujarat and the nearby region. The complete solution related to the different types of the ACC Mixer in Ahmedabad and ACC Mixer in India is provided by our company. The best quality ACC Mixer at the user friendly price is provided by our company.